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Worzled and Worzled XL for iOS – Addictive word game from Mr Moo

Edinburgh, United Kingdom – Worzled is a unique addictive word game for the iPhone, Worzled XL is its bigger brother designed for the iPad. The game is simple to play but hard to master, you slide the tiles up, down, left and right to rearrange the letters into words. Longer words get higher scores. Gold tiles higher than silver; silver tiles higher than bronze. There is no time limit, its hard enough with out one. Multiple words can be submitted in one go to achieve bonuses. Tiles are tapped to flip them over in order to lock a word in place, before tapping the submit button. Rows and columns containing locked tiles can’t be moved, so its as much a puzzle as a word game. Finding multiple words in one go is a logical challenge as well as a linguistic one. Once a word is submitted, those tiles go blank, so their are an ever decreasing number of tiles to achieve the target score for that level. If the level can’t be complete the panic button can be pressed which turns five random blank tiles back into letters. ...
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