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contenido Zelda 25th Anniversary Concert Symphony (Orchestra)

perfection7: Yesterday was total nostalgia and geeking out time. I went to the Zelda 25th Anniversary Concert at Hammersmith Apollo to see an Orchestra play some of the classic tunes from Zelda’s 25 year history. If you don’t know what Zelda is, it’s a computer game made by Nintendo thats been out on pretty much every console or Handheld they’ve made and I’ve pretty much played and loved them all. The latest one for the Nintendo Wii (Zelda Skyward Sword) is out on the 18th of this month. I kinda forgot about the whole thing.. Thank God I was going with some friends who reminded me as the tickets were bought months ago. I kinda wasn’t sure what to expect from the crowd. I’ve been to the Hammersmith Apollo a few times to see concerts, but that was in the stalls and obviously for an Orchestra performance there it is going to be a seated event so I wasn’t sure how that was all gonna be. ESPECIALLY when I saw the queue which was INSANE (take a look below) It was an amazing turnout.. loads and loads of people there...
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