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Controversial Spanish Christmas Habits

The Christmas season is one of those times when living in a foreign country might become quite complicated: there is a different way to celebrate it in every country, and each of them has its own customs. Spain is no exception. But we must admit that some of these traditions are ‘problematic’. Let us explain what we mean: there are some traditions that are not even clear to ourselves, so if you witness any of the scenes we are about to describe rest assured that the rest of the people around you will be as puzzled about them as yourself. When does Christmas start in Spain? You might have been caught off guard walking along the city streets in the middle of November and noticing Christmas lights up on the trees already (fortunately, still switched off); and finding turrón,cakes and other Christmas products in the supermarkets. No, it’s not because Spaniards begin advent a month in advance: it has always been that way, even if we are not quite certain why. Do we have to be really well prepared when Christmas ar...
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