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Cookie Stumbler Keeps Ad And Tracking Cookies Out And Browsers Clean

Rhos-On-Sea, United Kingdom – Cookie Stumbler 1.3.1 the newest iteration of the flagship app by WriteIt! Studios, brings the possibility to synchronize all configuration data and the definitions with our new app Cookie Stumbler Mobile for the iPad so that users can customize their configuration once and enjoy ad-free web browsing on their Mac and iPad. Cookie Stumbler Mobile is a web browser which incorporates all the great features of Cookie Stumbler and is a feature-rich web browser in addition to that. Further to that, speed improvements and schedules, which can be extended by actions like Growl Notifications, Clean AppStore Cookies, Voice Notifications and others available for free from our Extension Galleries, contribute to an excellent user experience. Cookie Stumbler allows its users to scan for ad and tracking cookies and remove them with just a single click or fully automatically via schedules. Similar to the principle of an anti-virus software, Cookie Stumbler always stays up-to-date using regular d...
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