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contenido CourseNotes 3.0 for iPad Improves Note Taking with Rich Text Editing

Boston, MA – Dear Panda LLC has announced the release of CourseNotes 3.0 for iPad, the note-taking app popular in classrooms around the world with both students and educators alike. CourseNotes 3.0, arriving just in time for the fall semester, promises to make note-taking on the iPad even better with two major new features: rich text editing and Dropbox support. One of the many reasons for CourseNotes’ popularity among students is the app’s ability to keep notes well-organized. The addition of rich text formatting in the latest version of CourseNotes will add to the organizational tools already found in the app by allowing students to add underlined, bold and italicized text throughout their notes. The ability to change font sizes also further enhances how students can prepare their notes for easier writing, reading, sharing and studying. CourseNotes 3.0 also adds Dropbox export functionality, letting students export note-taking sessions right to their Dropbox accounts for sharing, reviewing and archiving of ...
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