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contenido Crazy Snake v1.4.1 download Android apk

Crazy Snake v1.4.1 Android .apk, free Android action games, top best Android snake games 4 free, classic Android games, Touch Android Games, download Crazy Snake v1.4.1 apk for Android and all the funniest Android cool free games here, in Requires Android: 1.6 and up Category: Action & Arcade Installs: 500 – 1.000 Size: 1.0Mb If you want to download Crazy Snake v1.4.1 game apk for Android, then click in the next button: [publi1]   Crazy Snake v1.4.1 Description: New Super Game “Crazy Snake”! This is a stunning new version of the classic snake game! You control a snake. Other snakes have an artificial intelligence. Snakes can move in any direction! Each level of the game consists of three sub-levels, with its objectives: Deathmatch – kill all enemy snakes. FIRST GROW – the first increase to a certain length. DOMINATION – a team game. You must capture control points. The team’s goal – first to collect a certain number of points. You will meet with the giant snakes and dragons flying at advanced l...
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