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deepClock- amazing clock on Desktop of your Mac

Kiev, Ukraine – Aperio Lux has announce the release of deepClock 1.4 for Mac OS X. deepClock are a magnificent analogue clock which will decorate any desktop. deepClock isn’t just an ordinary clock for desktop. It’s a magnificent decoration for any desktop. deepClock doesn’t burden the desktop with unnecessary information. The program just displays a beautiful and unique clock on your Mac’s desktop. This is so little and so much at the same time! Among the program combines, there still exist some small ones which perform only one or two functions but do that on a high level. deepClock is one of them! This is a beautiful analog clock which you can place anywhere on your desktop. You can adjust the app as much as possible for you conveniently: * Run application at launch * Keep clock and calendar on desktop in one of three positions: standard, on top of all applications (even a fullscreen mode) and also to freeze at desktop level * show clock and calendar in all spaces * One of deepClock functions which has bee...
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