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Deskorder 1.1.3 for OS X – Record Video of Screen, Camera, Mic, Speakers

Kharkiv, Ukraine – Dosware Team today is pleased to announce Deskorder 1.1.3 for OS X, an update to their versatile Video app that lets users easily record video of their screen, camera, mic, and speakers. Ideal for recording and sharing video tutorials or simply conveying thoughts and ideas, Deskorder is easy to use and appears as a convenient Menu Item with a drop-down menu of actions. The app features full or partial screen video recording, user selectable frame rates and compression, saving video as an MOV file, simple Hot Key operation, record or share the desktop and/or camera via video conferencing software like GvoConference or HotConference, and full support for uploading correctly formatted video to hosting sites such as YouTube, ScreenCast, and Facebook. Depending upon their needs, users can set Deskorder to record the entire Mac screen or just a part of it. An expanding/contracting record window lets users drag any corner to create a custom size and shape. Similarly, video producers can adjust the...
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