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Digital Charts releases Child Growth Charts 1.1 for Mac OS X

Melbourne, Australia – Digital Charts today is pleased to announce an update to their parenting application for the Mac, Child Growth Charts, which includes new printing features, bug fixes and updated documentation. The update (1.1) will be pushed out to existing users automatically for free, giving them immediate access to the new functionality. Users wishing to manually download the application manually can do so from the Digital Charts web site and install it manually. The new version offers the following features and benefits: * Improvements in usability with tweaks to the UI to make it more intuitive to use. * New printing functionality so parents can take their toddlers growth history with them the next time they visit the nurse or doctor. * Documentation has been added to help users understand what everything does on the screen. * Bug fix in the conversion of length measurements when working in centimetres About Child Growth Charts: The Child Growth Charts application allows parents to track their chi...
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