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Do4Who – To Do – Done Different

Lytham St Annes, United Kingdom – Good Binary Limited today is pleased to announce that the latest version of their iOS app, Do4Who, has been made available on the App Store. Even though Do4Who is a to do list app, it doesn’t present you with a list of things to do. It presents you with a list of people you need to do things for. It learns the importance of people in relation to you and uses this information to prioritise your work. As you enter your tasks into Do4Who it asks you who you are doing the task for. If you haven’t told it already, it will then ask you how that person is related to you. For example, you might respond that this person is your boss. Do4Who then uses this information to prioritise your to do list. If you set the priority of a task to urgent, it will go straight to the top of your list. The list it presents also provides summary information on how many tasks you have for that person, how many are late, urgent or due today. You can tap on a person to see what you need to do for them. As...
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