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Doodle Nuke for iPhone out now

Glasgow, United Kingdom – From the developer who brought you Cat Attack and Zombie Bumper Cars, OneButtonJoypad is delighted to announce Doodle Nuke! The new arcade doodle popping Nuke ‘em Up for iPhone. It’s not enough to have doodles in a game, sometimes you have to have nukes too. Get revenge on all doodles in Doodle Nuke. Destroy the doodles with nukes! Tap or swipe as many doodles as you can, set off chains of explosions to cause carnage. Each nuke power up sets off another nuke if one’s nearby, so create nuclear chain reactions to hike up your score and create a Doodlear Nuclear Meltdown. See if you can chain 10 nukes to trigger Doodle Doomsday. Once the screen gets filled with 100 doodles it’s Game Over, so be fast! And watch out for the skull and cross-bone power up- it makes dreaded skull doodles that you can’t destroy. Features: * Hundreds of doodles to squish – popping them is as satisfying as Bubble Paper * Nukes, thousands of them * Daily news updates in the in-game news feed * Want to see your d...
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