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Download Meter app for iOS allows to save on data plan

Amsterdam, Netherlands – HedonicSoft today announced that Download Meter, an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch application that allows to measure and track traffic and reduce spending on mobile internet by about $20 every month – is about to celebrate 33 monthes of sales in AppStore. It was the first app that allowed to track traffic, all competing apps can be considerd its “clones” becase all of them appeared in AppStore by about a year later. This $2 app was among 10 Top Paid Utilities in 56 countries. It’s translated into 11 languages. Just enter the data limit of your plan and the first day of the billing period, and the app will notify you automatically when you reach important levels of your data limit (e.g. 90%, 100%). Stay within your limit and never pay extra for exceeding it! The app will automatically start when you reboot your device, and it will work in background checking your data usage every 10 minutes and showing alerts when you reach certain levels (work in background is available on iPhone 3Gs, i...
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