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Dragon and Wolf – An Interactive Children’s Book by NeveBooks

Moscow, Russian Federation – Our new book for children, Dragon and Wolf 1.0 for iOS, about usual boys and their unusual tricks is now available on the App Store. Dragon and Wolf are very proud with their names, but, of course, mums and dads sometimes forget about adventures and prefer to give their small captains quite ordinary names. But, is it possible to stop children who are always searching for interesting games and small miracles which wait them at every corner? Of course, it isn’t. Once upon a time there was a small town with quiet and green streets, cozy bright houses and an old park. It is comfortable to live there, but it’s no adventures at all. But if you are six and you know how to play – it’s another matter. And now it’s happened with a small boy Wolfy. As soon as he had moved to our town, the real but small adventure found him. When Wolfy went to the park for launching his paper ship in tortuous streamlets, he got acquainted with a well-known boy Dragon. And Dragon showed his treasure to Wolfy: ...
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