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Drop-Up 1.1 Universal App – New, True 3D Game is Challenging and More

Portland, Oregon – Announcing RiMETRIC Games, the developer of Drop-Up 1.1 Universal App, has released an excitingly unique product for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. Drop-Up is a new game that offers players a true 3D gaming environment that is rare. Gameplay allows players to find the best position for their game pieces by spinning grid cubes against an earth at night background. The grids can be viewed from any direction and angle, inside and out. Up to four human or computer-generated players can participate in this challenging, strategy based game at one time. Drop-Up is a new product in the AppStore. It is unique, offering a gaming environment that is rarely seen in games. The app offers a true, 3D experience that includes a dimension not seen in real life. Players are able to select boards or cubes of various sizes and shapes, as well as who they’ll play against. Moving pieces involves simple finger swipes. Players must move their men to block their opponents and try to get four in a row first. The...
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