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dunmanifestin: jobhasnothingtolose: fuckyeahdigidestined: litt...

dunmanifestin: jobhasnothingtolose: fuckyeahdigidestined: little—star: THE TEN SADDEST MOMENTS IN DIGIMON ADVENTURE: Angemon’s “death”. Tai leaving Kari behind in the real world. Tentomon regressing to Pabumon because of Izzy. Sora believing she is incapable and undeserving of love. The flashback of Izzy finding out that he’s adopted Wizardmon’s death. Leomon’s death. The flashback of Kari getting back from the hospital. Apocalymon destroying the Digidestined’s crests. Palmon hiding from Mimi so they don’t have to say goodbye.  TT_TT  cuando muere angemon, cuando izzi pierde la curiosidad, cuando muere wizardmon   y cuando  se van del digimundo ( mimi y palmon lloran repajuamente) TT_TT Mierda, ;____; cuando muere wizardmon, ;___; La muerte de Wizardmon es… heavy shit.
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