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contenido EDem interview: 5 Words to eDemocracy

Judith Schoßböck and Johann Höchtl interviewed me — thank you very much! — during the eDem10 Conference on the following questions: 5 Words to eDemocracy? The future of eDemocracy in a nutshell? Your favourite eDemocracy project? Prospects and risks of eDemocracy? What will be the content of the EDem Conference 2020? Find below the video and, after, short answers to the previous questions: 5 Words to eDemocracy? eDemocracy is not about making democracy “electronic” (i.e. to use digital devices to perform our usual democratic participation), but how Information and Communication Technologies have transformed democratic institutions — mainly parties and governments — and what will be the role of such institutions and the role of the citizens because of the introduction of these ICTs, digital content, and the Information Society as a whole. The future of eDemocracy in a nutshell? The future of eDemocracy is about how to mainstream Democracy in people’s lives. It is usually said that (a) people are not interested...
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