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contenido El auténtico precio del oro (10 fotos)

El fotoperiodista Larry C. Price se desplazó a Filipinas en diciembre de 2011, interesado en documentar el trabajo infantil en minas de oro. All photos © Larry C. Price/Redux Photojournalist Larry C. Price became interested in documenting child labor issues after working on several magazine stories in Africa and Central America. Price witnessed firsthand the plight of children in developing countries and is currently pursuing projects that can help expose exploitation and abuse.  In December of 2011, Price traveled to the Philippines to begin the first part of an ongoing project documenting child labor in gold mines.  The global rise in the price of gold has propelled an unprecedented demand for gold. The payoff is great and children, some as young as 4, are used to pan, haul ore and even work below ground. Working with an environmental group in the Philippines, Price was able to secure unprecedented access to remote regions of the Philippine gold fields where he saw children working with picks, hammers and t...
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