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Elin Nordegren splits with Jamie Dingman: woods' ex single again.

After the seperation with Tiger Woods Elin Nordegren chose Jamie Dingman as her boyfriend. But she has not been able to continue the relationship with him and as a result single again. They are seen separate from each other since last summer. The businessman and Tiger Woods's ex-wife broke off their relationship in January, a friend of hers tells PEOPLE. There’s much speculation that she may have realized she entered a relationship too soon after her old one ended. "She says Jamie's a great guy – and they're still friends – but I think it was just too early [after the divorce] for her to get serious with anyone," says her friend.  Nordegren had a very public divorce from Woods after news broke that he was carrying on affairs with several mistresses in 2009; he later admitted to a sex addiction, which earned him public ridicule. He has, however, gone on to maintain his golfing career, although many think he’s lost the spark he once had. Before linked with Nordegren, Dingman, son of the billionaire Michael Ding...
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