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Essentials 1.2 for OS X – Radically Speed Up Your Workflow

Zagreb, Croatia – Habitatus today is thrilled to announce Essentials 1.2, an update to their newest product for Mac. It is user friendly, easy to use but a powerful tool that innovatively combines usual with not yet seen features. Besides quickly launching applications and assorted files, Essentials can act as Terminal command center, “dropbox” for e-mail messages, text clippings/snippets, colors, graphic paths/vectors, PDF and image clippings. It is customizable, intuitive and gives completely new meaning to a “folder”. Main purpose of Essentials: “Essentials is a really handy app that could conceivably change the way you use OS X and speed up your workflow in a number of ways … If you’re looking for an affordable way to dramatically increase the speed at which you can access files, folders, text snippets, URLs or even colors, Essentials is definitely a great place to start.”, Joshua Johnson, Mac Appstorm “Essentials came out of a pure necessity of our team”, said Dunja Despotovic, one of the founders of Hab...
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