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contenido Ethnic segregation poisons the Caucasus

José Luis Gordillo and Mónica Hernández Translation: Blanca G. Bertolaza Mural painting of the faces of the 90 survivors of the Armenian genocide. (Herbert Bagdasaryan/AP) The persistence of the insurgent guerrilla in Chechnya is just the most abrupt exponent of what is still happening in the rest of the Caucasus. Even along the Georgian and Armenian borders, two countries that belong to the Council of Europe, gun shots and the capturing of prisoners cause dozens of victims every year. Almost two decades after the cease fire of their respective conflicts, the latent violence has not been appeased. On the contrary, their armies have rearmed and, according to the latest surveys, rejection among different ethnic groups is growing, based on religious or territorial rivalries and stirred up by mutual accusations by governments whose democratic legitimacy is sometimes questioned. In the Caucasus, historically a land of conflicts due to its role as natural border between Asia and Europe, the usual course of action i...
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