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Evil Square 1.0 for iOS – Fit Irregular Cubes and Pyramids Into a Square

Montreal, Canada – 1 Last Try Games today is pleased to introduce Evil Square 1.0 for iOS, their new geometry based puzzle Game, where players must arrange a collection of regular and irregular cubes and pyramids so that all the pieces fit perfectly within a black square grid. Shapes are of various sizes, colors, and 3D deformations, but each has a flat base with either three or four sides. When correctly completed, the flat bases of the assembled shapes form a perfect square, with no gaps or overlaps. Featuring two modes of play, automatic positioning, tap to rotate a quarter turn, and drag to position, Evil Square is for players of all ages. The game challenges the puzzle solver to visualize and experiment with the way irregular shapes, having few 90-degree angles, fit together. Evil Square includes four puzzle packs with 20 puzzles each. Players can choose either Classic Mode or Evil Mode. In Classic Mode, players are scored by the amount of time they take to complete each puzzle. They can ask for up to th...
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