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Exclusive Interview: METRO AREA

Metro Area is one of the best techno/house history lessons you could ever hope to hear. Big nods to Detroit, New York and Chicago here,. One of these days, someone will create the "Cherry Pie" of the disco-house revival, but as long as Metro Area is still throwing down music like this, I'm not sure I'll ever care. This Saturday for First time in Medellín: METRO AREA.  1- How Morgan and Darshan knew each other? We first met on an internet music mailing list and started hanging out, record shopping, talking about music and eventually working on stuff together. 2- Why Metro Area ? where did this curious name born? "Metro Area" was a way to acknowledge the big influence of New York City radio and the city itself on our music. We both grew up near, but just outside the city, so the radio was the way we were able to get the vibe of the city's music from where we were. It's also a name that others can relate to their own city centers. 3- Do you see yourselves as a italo-disco renaissance ? Not really. We have too ma...
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