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EZ Capture Pro@golf swing 3.0 for iPad: Swing Capture/Analysis of Swing

Hong Kong – i’m Apps today announces a major update to their Sports App, EZ Capture Pro@golf swing 3.0, that allows golfers to capture their swing automatically with Master/Slave Dual Camera support and instant playback in dual-view. It also supports multi-view analysis by using drawing tools provided and video export in slow motion. New features also include 3 kinds of Stop Capture options, Voice-Over commentary and Branding, which bring a whole new iPad experience to golfers on swing capture and analysis. Of all iOS golf apps, EZ Capture Pro@golf swing is the only app that exports the golfer’s swing in slow motion with analysis overlays, and it is the only app that offers Dual Camera support. Golfers position the iPad on a tripod or stand at the desired position, and launching the app in landscape orientation automatically begins capture. Following the swing, the app stops capture using either impact sound detection and image analysis, sound detection alone, or manual control. The app will intelligently del...
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