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From Russia with Love is something the AppleStore has not seen yet

Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation – Avina Social Games is proud to introduce From Russia With Love 1.0 for iOS devices. For those who want an entertainment with some Russian humor, fun and rest: “From Russian with Love” is the best suitable game, which is tension free with its funny personages! In IOS system it is even funnier and simpler. The main purpose of the game is to entertain and engage you with its funny and drunk Russian-looking personages. As its rules are quite straightforward that you can play this game in any mood, when you are drunk or sober and all you have to be is precise and quick. In order to complete the level you will have to beat different and funny personages like an alcoholic, a cab driver or even a cop appearing on different unpredictable edges of the screen on time by simply tapping on them. Your aim is not to let personages drink up the given bottle of vodka. There are 10 levels for each personage; in last 10th level you will have to take away the bottle of beverage from hero’s hand...
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