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contenido m0nicahearsawho: if-life-was-a-sandwich: pishie-kee: totallyli...

m0nicahearsawho: if-life-was-a-sandwich: pishie-kee: totallylikeawesomepolski: miss-mey-rin: overachieving-asian: fucknaida: superslut: thatsf-e-t-c-h: nelliefoxtrot89: FOOOOOOOOOOOOREVEEEEEEEEEER REBLOG! i can’t right now  OMG I’ve never seen the actual video to this gif. I love these kids. i can’t laugh any harder lmfao the guy in red reminds me of nick. LOL. or what i would imagine him to be as a kid.. HAHA.  I was laughing hysterically through the entire video. MY LIFE, OHMYGOD, IT’S COMPLETE. HOW DO THESE KIDS HAVE SUCK POKER FACES AT THE END FJDKLAFJDKLJFLKDJFLKDJFDA. OH MY GOD ((th-they really do remind me of Gilbert and Ludwig)) i’m crying. HE DOESNT EVEN KNOW HES FAMOUS ON TUMBLR
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