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New iPhone/iPad application to beautify and make fun of your pictures

Paris, France – Carrafix team today is proud to announce the release of Photo Boost 1.0, their first general public iOS software, after 10 years producing Mac OS X software both for professional and general public. Photo Boost is a polished application for iPhone and iPad that helps you enhance, beautify and make fun of your pictures. Photo Boost fully uses the impressive multitouch screen of the iPhone and iPad to provide 4 fun, easy effects to your photos. You can twirl, bump, distort, colorize and add depth of field to your pictures using your fingers. * Stretch: deform your friend faces using from one to 5 fingers! Stretch faces as if it was gummy * Colorize: emphasize your photos by converting to black and white while preserving the colored areas of your choice. Very easy effect to make your photo look professional * Focus: paint the area to focus with your fingers to add depth of field or tilt shift your photo * Twirl and Bump: pinch in with 2 fingers to bump, pinch out to dent. Rotate to twirl. This ef...
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