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New Natural Sleeping Aid App Helps you to Find Serenity, Relax, Meditate

Seattle, Washington – Prajnu, Inc., creator of innovative self improvement apps like Visulax Golf, today is pleased to announce Visulax Sleep Aid 1.1 is now available on the Apple App Store. This new app utilizes visualization and relaxation to help users relax, mediate, and fall into a natural, peaceful, and deep sleep. The app was created by Rick Nanda & Spencer Leu, whose mission is simple, improve life. Sleep disorders affect millions of people around the world and can be expensive to remedy. After experimenting with other sleep apps they realized there was a gap in the market. According to Rick, “Many guided meditation sleep apps are either hard to hear, have a poorly done voice-over, or an accent that may be difficult to understand. These can all be irritating factors when trying to sleep.” Their solution was to find someone with a neutral American English accent and have it professionally recorded in a studio. The result is a 30 minute guided meditation with relaxing meditation background music designe...
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