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Theatre in spanish in budapest

But what then? Everything in this world has two handles. Murder, for instance, may be laid hold of by its moral handle, and that, I confess, is its weak side; or it may also be treated aesthetically, that is, in relation to good taste. (…) For the final purpose of murder, considered as a fine art, is precisely the same as that of tragedy in Aristotle's account of it; viz "to cleanse the heart by means of pity and terror." Thomas de Quincey, Murder considered as one of the Fine Arts (1827) MISERO PROSPERO ProjectPresents Murder considered as one of the Fine Arts Carlos RoderoBased on the text by Thomas de Quincey Performers: Carlos Rodero and László PipóLighting, Costumes and Characterization: Carmen GonzaloMusic: Giuseppe Verdi's MacbethPoster and Graphic Design: Strategies Design & EditionIllustration: The Death of Marat (1793) by Jacques-Louis DavidAssistant and Subtitles: Magos EszterDirection: Carlos Rodero and Bakucz DóraWith the support of the Spanish Embassy in Budapest Petőfi Irodalmi Múzeum1053 Budap...
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