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What Should I Draw HD – Now Integrates With Web-Based Artwork Gallery

Lower North Shore – Sydney, Australia – Following the release of their What Should I Draw HD app in the Apple App Store last August, MTS Technology Pty Ltd announces the availability of their web-based artwork gallery built specifically for the app. Unlike other painting or drawing apps, What Should I Draw HD not only provides drawing media but also gives children suggestions of what to draw. The app consists of four splodges of paint when touched that reveal a different part of the drawing suggestion. The blue reveals an adjective, red reveals a colour, yellow reveals an animal and purple reveals a verb. So the end result could be “A bouncy, Peach, Lemur, Tap Dancing” “Is your child constantly asking of what he or she should draw? If so, welcome to my world. My 10 years old son often asked the question when he wanted to draw something. Frustrated with our unimaginative suggestions, he developed his own system. To make it easier for him, we simply turned his idea into an iPad app with thousands of possible co...
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