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fororchestra: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ‘Go Go Power...

fororchestra: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ‘Go Go Power Rangers’ For Orchestra by Walt Ribeiro iTunes Link Bandcamp Link Buy me a slice of Pizza “No one will ever take them down” OK, I’ll shamelessly admit it - I’m going through a huge theme song kick. And who can blame me? Unfortunately, there are only a handful of amazing theme songs throughout the years, but I’ll make it rock as long as I can. I spoke before about how music tends to anchor strong feelings from me. Like, whenever I think of the MMPR theme, I always think of a time I sat in my cousin’s room and watched the MMPR TV show endlessly. I’m sure I’m not alone. I had it all - the figurines, the comics, video games, even CD’s. Which brings me to another point - that in order for something to be remarkable, it has to be flawless. Star Wars, Power Rangers, My Little Pony, Jaws, Batman, and even TMNT - the reason they’re so amazing is because everything about their culture is amazing. The character outfits, the worlds they live in, the plot, the time pe...
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