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From iPads to March Madness, Leave Your Mark with Super Walls by Wallit

San Francisco, California – Wallit, the only geo-social app connecting people to places through one-of-a-kind multi-media messages on augmented reality walls, today announced version 1.1 featuring brand new “Super Walls” to link the marks of similar places from around the globe. For example, when waiting in the line for the new iPad today, Apple Fanatics in San Francisco can see what their counterparts in New York and in all other Apple Stores around the world are saying about the debut. Or fans in stadiums can move the real-time “smack talk” to the virtual walls in arenas during the March Madness tournament. Fans need to be “there” to write on the March Madness walls. Wallit has also been named a “New and noteworthy” app in the Apple App Store, and today’s news comes just ten days after Wallit went live in the App Store. Wallit allows users to view and “post” to virtual walls in places all around the world in the same way they do to a business or friend’s social network profile – providing a unique glimpse i...
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