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From Sofa to Skyscraper: App Measures & Dimensions Objects using Camera

Hanover, Germany – Apps4Cams today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of CaMeasure! Pro 1.0 to iPhone and iPod touch users. CaMeasure! Pro is an innovative app for automatically measuring and dimensioning objects from small furniture to high-rise buildings using the iPhone camera. Architects, real estate agents or interior decorators can easily augment their photos with professional-looking dimensioning arrows and descriptive text boxes. For immediate feedback from customers, colleagues or friends, users can share measurement projects via email, iTunes or Facebook in seconds. “CaMeasure! Pro distinguishes itself from similar apps by its capability to obtain measures automatically”, said Andreas Haja, founder of Apps4Cams. “Imagine looking for a new home and not being sure if both your cars will fit side by side into the narrow-looking garage. With a copy of CaMeasure! Pro in your pocket, simply take a picture with the built-in camera tool, perform a quick measurement and be glad you d...
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