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FxFactory Pro Effects Available For Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5

Boston, Massachusetts – Noise Industries, a developer of visual effects tools for the post-production and broadcast markets, has announced FxFactory 2.6 for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5. The upgrade makes more than 140 filters, generators and transitions from FxFactory Pro available inside the new Final Cut Pro X. Final Cut Pro X FxFactory embraces the modern architecture of Final Cut Pro X to allow seamless background renders, firing up multiple processor cores and graphics cards to deliver your results. FxFactory effects are a natural fit for the new high precision, color managed pipeline offered by Final Cut Pro X. Motion 5 FxFactory 2.6 lets you enjoy all our products in Motion 5, giving you access to the full range of plug-ins and advanced features. Motion 5 sets a new standard for accelerated, film-quality visual effects. All FxFactory-based plug-ins continue to be available in previous versions of Final Cut Pro and other hosts, including the new Motion 5. The upgrade to FxFactory 2.6 is completely free...
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