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Game time: help me choose the right colors

I said I was going to get personal and I meant it! Here are for your viewing pleasure (!) about 20 pictures of me, wearing all different colors T-shirts (photoshopped of course). I won’t give you my opinion yet, but I would love to hear yours: Which colors do you think fit me best? You can pick as many as you wish. I really want to simplify my life and especially my shopping, and knowing which colors work best for me it’s going to save me time. If I know to focus on just four colors, it will be so much easier to skip the other ones, and I will avoid buying something unflattering and that I will eventually stop wearing and give away. I will save money and look better. Win/win. At one point, I thought that having a closet with only few colors in it was restrictive and boring, but I’ve finally realized that there isn’t a faster way to a wardrobe malfunction than wearing unflattering colors. So, what are you waiting for? Bookmark It Hide Sites
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