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Gingrich intrigued by a Rice-Biden VP face-off

Decorah, Iowa (CNN) – Vice Presidential nominee Condoleezza Rice? Newt Gingrich considered the idea when a woman told the GOP presidential candidate she’d like to see the former secretary of state debate Vice President Joe Biden. “I would say that that would be about as great a mismash of knowledge versus ignorance as we’ve seen,” Gingrich told a crowded basement at Mabes Pizza on Tuesday night. The former House speaker prefaced his commentary by saying it should not be construed as endorsing any particular person for the vice presidential nomination, but added that Rice “is a terrifically smart person and I do think the spectacle of her debating Biden would be one of the more enjoyable moments of 2012.” Gingrich speculated Republicans may not have to worry about debating the current vice president because President Barack Obama may select another running mate in 2012. “Well of course that would depend whether or not Biden is still on the ticket by that stage,” Gingrich said, wrapping up the first day of his ...
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