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Goverati: An alternative to representative democracy?

Yesterday I spoke at the Jornadas sobre redes y cultura compartida: De la cultura distribuida a la transformación del conocimiento (Conference on networks and shared culture: from distributed culture to the transformation of knowledge). I had been asked to answer this question: could we, thanks to the Internet, forget about political parties and let people express their own opinions, debate and vote their representatives directly? An initial answer to the question would be: well, yes, why not? But, should we? Instead of providing such an answer — or any answer at all — I tried instead to: explain that some dire (socioeconomic) changes were taking place, focus on why these socioeconomic changes were taking place and infer, from this, what conditions shall take place in the future for another wave of changes to happen. In other words: we have shifted from an Industrial Society to an Information Society (and what each concept means), that this has been because of digitization and Information and Communication Te...
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