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Helena Paparizou - Vrisko To Logo Na Zo

“Vrisko To Logo Na Zo” (I Find The Reason To Live) is the third studio album by the Greek singer-songwriter Helena Paparizou which was released in Greece on May 29, 2008 by Sony BMG. Its the first time that Niclas Olausson and Toni Mavridis have produced the entire album and that Paparizou has penned several tracks for. It is also the first time that a duet is included on one of her solo albums. Tracklist: 01. “I Kardia Sou Petra” (Your heart like stone) - 4:30 02. “Kita Brosta” (Look forward) - 3:42 03. “Porta Gia Ton Ourano” (Door to the sky) - 2:57 04. “Pios” (Who) - 4:04 05. “Agapi San Listia” (Love like a robbery) - 4:16 06. “Mathe Prota N’Agapas” (Firstly learn to love) - 4:15 07. “Ise I Foni” (You are the voice) - 3:21 08. “Pirotehnimata” (Fireworks) - 4:13 09. “De Tha Me Do” (I won’t be here) - 3:50 10. “Papeles Mojados” [Duet with Chambao] (Wet Papers) - 3:50 11. “To’His I Den To’His” (You have it or you don’t have it) - 3:28 12. “Mi Mou Milas Gi’Antio” (Don’t talk to me about goodbye) - 3:35 13. “To...
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