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Hotels for iPad Updated For The New iPad With 200,000+ Hotels Wordwide

Cupertino, California – For booking hotels iPad users don’t have to look any further: Hotels for iPad is the first hotel app that is optimized for the New iPad. Hotel bookers can experience the new graphical features of the improved device while booking highly discounted rooms worldwide. Hotels for iPad is your friend in finding the best rates for the hotels of your choice. It features over 200,000 hotels in more than 165 countries worldwide and has the biggest discounts. With this app you can sit back and relax on your couch and easily browse for hotels or use the advanced search: * search destinations (like airports, cities, regions etc) * search hotel names * search nearby (even with and iPad with only wifi!) * search on hotel stars * search on facilities * sort based on any criteria The hotel descriptions are available in 25 languages so travelers worldwide can fully understand the offers that are presented. The app comes in a cool Art Deco design that looks even better on the new iPad. The app and it’s s...
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