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How and when the water came to Earth?

Planetary scientists have been working on this issue many years and the answers have changed, at least until recently. We’re pretty sure that the water did not originate at the same distance from the sun which is now the Earth, which is 1 AU (Astronomical Unit). It is thought that the solar nebula from which all the planets were formed, would have been too hot at that distance to the water to condense. Besides water vapor does not react fast enough with rocks to form hydrated minerals. Therefore, it is believed that water would rise beyond the Sun in the asteroid belt (between 2 and 3.5 AU), or in the region of giant planets (between 5 and 30 AU), where it is believed that comets were formed. For many years the comets were the best candidates for providers in the water on Earth. After all, comets are a mixture of 50 % water and 50 % other materials, mostly silicate powder. Moreover, it is thought that the formation of craters on the moon was caused by a hail of objects, probably comets that hit the Moon (and ...
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