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How the C.I.A. Hurt U.S. Health Diplomacy

By Jack C. Chow, the U.S. ambassador on global H.I.V./AIDS from 2001-3 and the assistant director-general of the World Health Organization on H.I.V./AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria from 2003-5. He is currently a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Heinz College of Public Policy (THE NEW YORK TIMES, 27/07/11): The C.I.A. spared no effort in its relentless and ultimately successful campaign to locate and kill Osama bin Laden. But it has been revealed that the no-holds-barred inventiveness of C.I.A. operatives involved the recruitment of a Pakistani doctor to run a community vaccination program in Abbottabad as cover to try and obtain biological samples from occupants of the Bin Laden compound. The scheme involved having the doctor gain entrance to the compound under the pretense of a hepatitis vaccination campaign, give shots to Bin Laden’s coterie, and perhaps extract a biological sample that could confirm the presence of Bin Laden from his children’s DNA. The C.I.A.’s ploy to verify Bin Laden’s presence a...
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