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iCAD Professional for iPad – 3D Model Tool Now with Solidworks Addin

Provo, Utah – Announcing that Novatek Inc., the developers of iCAD Professional, has released an important new product for iPad users. iCAD Professional is a CAD and 3D model viewing tool that makes it easy to open, adjust and present designs to co-creators and clients. With an already existing array of helpful features, iCAD Professional works with all major CAD and 3D animation packages and has received an additional feature. Novatek has also just released an iCAD file exporter add-in for Solidworks, which increases the number of supported file formats. Novatek Inc. is proud to announce the recent launch of their CAD design and 3D model viewing product called, iCAD Professional. iCAD Professional is ideal for engineers, designers, manufacturing, quality control, 3D animators, sales and management. The app allows users to open and share their designs, with co-workers and clients. While the display of a 3D creation is the primary use of this application, it also allows for scene customizations, light and back...
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