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Immigration To Canada And The Right To Work Visa: An Inside Look

One of the best destinations for migrant workers at this present time is Canada. Aided by the booming economy of the country and the great improvements with the standard of living, Canada has a serious need for foreign workers to fill certain positions. Meanwhile, there is no legal way for a foreigner to live and work in Canada without having a valid work visa. This is why it makes lots of sense for the prospective migrant worker to get all the relevant facts about immigration to Canada prior to making the move. Canadian temporary work visas can be grouped under the following categories: Federal Skilled Worker Visa Canada Work Permit Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Working Holiday Visa Canada Canada Skilled Worker Visa Province Nominee Program Each one of these programs has its own peculiar features and those that would like to work in Canada need to understand how these programs work. They also need to understand clearly that in case the correct procedure isn’t followed, they will often get disqualified and possi...
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