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Interview With Johnny Kats

Matt did an interview with Johnny Kats at the rehearsals for Matt’s upcoming show at the Nevada Ballet Show on Saturday 5th May. Matt will be performing 4 songs, 2 of which are brand new which Matt has never sung live before. They are from Matt’s new upcoming album. Read the interview below : As a quintet of Nevada Ballet Theatre dancers nimbly stretched and lifted one another during an afternoon rehearsal at Reynolds Hall, a silhouetted figure materialized on stage right. You couldn’t quite make out just who this sauntering gentleman was. Or could you? He was wearing a well-tailored suit and, yep, a fedora. It was the Gossinator. Matt Goss is joining the NBT, for a night, during the Las Vegas dance company’s premiere performance Saturday at 7 p.m. at the Smith Center. He is performing four songs of his choosing in a segment NBT Artistic Director James Canfield has aptly titled, “Four Songs.” Canfield choreographed the pieces. Goss sings the quartet of original numbers, two of which he’s never performed live....
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