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contenido Introduction to MuseScore for Musicians and Music Educators, Part 2.

Last time, we explored MuseScore by starting a simple arrangement of Pachelbel's canon for Guitar Ensemble and 'Cello. This week, we'll finish entering the parts, add editorial markings and articulations, fix any stylistic issues and make parts for our ensemble members. We'll also add a few editorial notations.   Since Pachelbel's Canon is a canon, each of the parts is essentially the same. To fill in the remaining two parts, we'll just copy the first part and paste it in the staves for parts two and three. Click inside the Guitar I part at measure three, where the part comes in. A blue box appears around the measure and the notes light up blue, indicating that the measure has been selected. We need to select the whole part, so without clicking anywhere else on the score, let's navigate to the last page of the score using the navigator at the bottom of the window (press the F12 key if the navigator is not already visible). Click inside the navigator window and drag the score to the left to move the last page ...
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