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iOS App my facecard Creatively Streamlines Connecting with Contacts

Seoul, Korea – Connecting digitally is a vital and vibrant part of today’s society. While attempts at providing ever more convenient, creative, and elegant means of sharing information with our contacts are many, few concepts offer something new. The newly launched app my facecard for iPhone and iPod aims to provide users with a way to simultaneously simplify and enhance the experience of sharing information with one another. With equal measures of simplicity and creativity, my facecard is a communication innovation. The “facecard” each user creates within the application’s intuitive interface functions as more than a calling card which can be shared digitally. Each user’s facecard is a creative expression of him- or herself which functions as a contact card. my facecard collects the user’s preferred methods of communication in one easy to access place, but it does much more than that. Because the information contained on each facecard is interactive, one can call, email, and access social networking accounts...
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