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Is This Britain’s First Christian Burial? Anglo Saxon Grave Reveals 16-year-old Girl Laid to Rest with a Gold Cross

Her well-preserved 1,400-year-old severe has been discovered by Arlington School experts, who described the discover as ‘astonishing’. The funeral website at Trumpington Mdw, a town near Arlington, indicates Christianity had already taken main in the place as beginning as the center of the 7th 100 decades. It was not lengthy after St Augustine, a monk in The capital, was sent by Pope Gregory the Excellent to turn the British in the season 595. Starting in London, his group of 40 missionaries gradually proved helpful their way around the nation and he became the first Archbishop of Canterbury two decades later. But success is believed to have been slowly and sometimes challenging, and Honest and pagans co-existed for many decades. The new discover gives an understanding into this move interval as she was also hidden with a blade and beaches to use in the next lifestyle – a questionnable custom of ‘grave goods’ which goes against Faith. Dr Sam Lewsey, an professional in Anglo-Saxon cemeteries, said: ‘This is an...
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