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It was three o´clock in the morning when the phone rang...

It was three o´clock in the morning when the phone rang, “Jeff?, This is Mrs Sweet, your neighbour. Sorry for calling so late, but I have heard a noise and it seemed that someone was trying to get into your garage…”. I started to think that it could be a burglar. That night I had been watching the news, and they talked about a dangerous mugger who had just escaped from the city prison. I felt terrified, and immediately, I went downstairs to the study where I kept my baseball bat. After that, I headed for the garage straight away to face the burglar. When I arrived at the garage I could see an enormous shadow opposite me and it scared me. Finally, I decided to move closer and I could see my terrifying murderer…It was Mrs. Sweet´s cat, Puppy, which had come into my garage for the umpteenth time. Tomorrow night I’ll probably cut my phone line.
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