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It?s National Puppy Day! If you?re lucky enough to have one, here?s how to show your puppy some love

Dear Chief Human Companion (aka "my new owner") Thanks for having the fine taste and good sense to select me from my pack! I was certain the moment I laid eyes on you that you were the one for me. So glad my antics encouraged you to select me to share the warmth and comfort of your human abode. Now, to some very important business. I know you listened carefully about what to feed me, how to worm me and get regular vaccinations. I do hope you heed all that advice because I can't call the vet or open my own food bags. But more importantly, I want to ask that you love me for all that I am, an energetic, curious and excitable bundle of canine joy. Did you know that all pet dogs are perpetually in a state of puppyhood, one way or other? This means we need your love and attention always! And along with good feeding, grooming, walkies and health care, your love means the world to me. But instead of barking on about it, I've got some help for you that's easy and fun, so please get ready to love your puppy! Yours in p...
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