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contenido janestakes: briizer: hey-its-tsai: lightsaurora: clearingpupp...

janestakes: briizer: hey-its-tsai: lightsaurora: clearingpuppy: bulletformybanana: kamidoodles: beranyth: gunsmile: goddessofcheese: babybutta: sapphrikah: world-shaker: I immediately feel dumb. Omg were we always supposed to know this? …..Well shit no one tells us shit. I’ve been using a knife and my teeth or years. WHAT …..I SEE THE LIGHT IMPORTANT INFO EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW. O_O …o____________o I’ve seen this like 5 times and told twice, but I KEEP FORGETTING s;lkgjag;aj ((well gosh i’m going to use this knowledge to impress my family MY WHOLE LIFE HAS BEEN A LIE….OR JUST UNAWARENESS  Now…to learn how to use a can opener….
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