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jeanstothebeach: tooyoungtobescared: best1dfanfics: 5boys1drea...

jeanstothebeach: tooyoungtobescared: best1dfanfics: 5boys1dream1direction: liampaynes-wife: directioner-pride: singaporelovesonedirection: come-to-my-direction: letmalikyou-1direction: reblog if you know who these guys are backstreet boys. no silly, it’s the beatles. its the jonas brothers fucking big time rush its the micheal jackson brothers, obviously. spice girls obvs you guys are idiots…. It’s clearly little mix lol ^^^ it’s Elvis Presley and his band.. you dumbasses.  It’s Selena Gomez and the scene.  Don’t you see Selena’s fancy new short do on top? it’s Paramore you guys! how can you not notice Hayley Williams? its nickelback…….. It’s The Saturdays
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